September 2021

by | Oct 8, 2021 | Release notes

New features

  • Judging fast start has been released! 🚀 Read more about this new judging configuration wizard here.  #gamechanger
  • Manage judging has been released! 🥳 This new judging dashboard offers users a bird’s eye view of all judging configurations and progress in one simple view. 
  • You can now add a shortcut to Saved views. Shortcuts are added to the top of the list view where the Saved view is applied. This is also available to judges! 
  • A Zapier integration tool is now available in-app under the Developers menu in Settings. A convenient way to find applications that can integrate with Award Force via Zapier.
  • A new login code has been added for SSO (Single sign-on) users who already have an account. They will now automatically be sent a six-digit code on first log-in rather than asked for a previous password. #simplify
  • Files can now be added to entries via drag-and-drop file upload functionality. 


  • The left-hand navigation now collapses all the options not in use for improved user experience.
  • Theme setting changes are now automatically refreshed so updates are instantly visible without having to refresh the screen or browser. 
  • We improved the colour of entry error messages under the entry form for better visibility.
  • The order of action buttons on the Manage entries view have been reordered and a new “Edit form” button has been added for improved user experience.
  • Validation has been added to user invite notifications to prevent accidental errors or deletions of the {join_link} merge field.
  • The registration validation message has been simplified to be consistent with the entry form with any error messages highlighted in red.
  • WCAG labels have been added to the Tabs page under the Entries menu. #accessibility 


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