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by | Sep 24, 2021 | Articles, Blog

What makes a product good? I mean really good. The kind that you can’t live without. The type of software that just feels like it has a soul. Where it’s not just a means to an end, but a delightful journey, too.

We ask ourselves this often at Award Force, where one of our core values is Kaizen, the Japanese word for improvement or “change for the better.” How can we be better? What’s the next step we can take to improve? 

Continuous improvement allows us to continually achieve better results— for our clients, for the business, and for each of us, personally.

We were delighted that these results were recognised recently by G2, who awarded us with “Best Usability” in awards management software for the Fall of 2021. 

We place a lot of focus on usability, especially on integrating our company values into our product design and user experience, applying best practices into our product, and ensuring our product is flexible by design. 

Company values: the cornerstone of our product

Our company values form the backbone of our company and product––each one working to drive our innovation, culture and product. 


An element of kaizen is learning— exposing ourselves to new ideas, learning new skills, and new ways of doing things and finding opportunities for improvement.

For example, our engineers take part in “Free Form Friday” every two weeks in an effort to think outside the box when it comes to new and innovative product features. It’s an opportunity for them to flex their creative muscles, learn and explore technologies, contribute to the future direction of the software and improve the way they work.

A few of our most exciting up-and-coming new features have come from these Free Form Fridays, small design changes that will provide big usability improvements for our clients. 

Good design

Good design is also one of our company values and lies at the intersection of elegance and simplicity. Exceptional experiences are our pursuit, and we understand and live by this basic tenet: Good design is good business.

We believe that good design is innovative. It does not copy existing product forms. And the innovation must be clearly seen in all functions of the product. 


We work hard to recognise excellence honestly, reliably and without bias, which requires a foundation of integrity. Our products are that foundation. Collection and protection of data must be done with integrity. And our tools for judging, evaluation and review support and demonstrate the integrity of the process.


Our product is human-centred. We believe we’re all connected humans and are all part of a community: our team, our clients, their program participants, entrants and judges. We know our clients are often a locus for their own communities, and that these strong communities support their participants.

Applying best practices to improve user experience

As leaders in awards management software, we have deep knowledge of what works for our clients. We take what we know (and what we continue to learn) and apply it to our product.

This means we’re constantly applying best practices to make the product more usable. And each month, we share what we’ve improved in our software release notes

As a SaaS (Software as a Service) product, Award Force applies global best practices into our product, its design and our world-class security features.

We also believe all users should be able to use Award Force in the way that works best for them, including those living with disabilities. That’s why we continually work towards improving accessibility and usability for all and strive to ensure our awards management software complies with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

Flexible by design

Award Force was designed with flexibility in mind. This means our product can benefit any type of program that works to recognise excellence. 

Our software is packed with features to help you manage your program and make it a beautiful extension of your brand.

It’s “Your Award Force” and we ensure that by offering powerful configuration options to set up your awards platform to fit your program to a T. 

More than just a software

If Award Force were a human, then our software is the brains and the brawn. But the heart is everything else. All that “extra.” Like our incredibly friendly, five-star rated client success team, our strict adherence to protecting our clients’ data, and our pledge to sustainability and our love for recognising excellence around the world.

In short, Award Force is the most usable awards management software on the market. But standing behind it is our people and the supreme service we offer to make the user journey a delightful one. 

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