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Say goodbye to the back and forth support calls from entrants or judges, the long nights of sorting through entries manually or trying to communicate en masse with specific entrants or judges. Amongst possibly hundreds of other time savings. Award Force will make a positive difference to your awards management experience. As it does for awards of all sizes, around the world. 


Everything you need in awards management

Save money

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Award Force is a money-saving machine. Whether it’s time-saving online management tools, remote-work friendly entry and judging, smart automations or the fact we help you cut down on administrative costs, it’s easy to prove our positive ROI.



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Whether you are looking for an increase in entries, in revenue, better brand awareness or better experiences, Award Force has all the features to help you break barriers and achieve your program goals.

Award Force helps awards grow

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Award Force is built to provide exceptional awards experiences to all program participants. Entrants are energised, judges are happy and program managers benefit from clear visibility and powerful control over the entire awards lifecycle.

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