Grow your awards community 

Your awards bring people together, focussing minds and efforts on achieving and recognising excellence. With Award Force, our guiding principle is that awards are social and represent communities of people doing great things.

That’s why we strive to ensure all members of your awards community have a great experience as they interact with your awards online.

It’s also why community is a focus for our ongoing innovation and why we’ve crafted great features to help engage and grow your community. Features such as:

  • Shortlist or winner galleries are super-quick to set up and are a focus for your community to celebrate achievement, sharing it with the world!
  • Email a segment of your community based on their entry or judging activity. Quickly fire off an update or encouragement, without any fuss.
  • Social sharing buttons are built-in and automatically adapt to individual sharing preferences. Encourage your community to announce involvement with your awards, to their social networks.
  • Set visuals and messages that appear in Facebook when your community create social links to your awards.
  • People’s choice voting encourages entrants to invite participation from their networks, which grows reach and visibility for your awards.
  • Let your entrants know how they fared with a feedback round. You choose what they can see from VIP judging scores, comments and averages.

All these features and many more are included as standard in the Award Force Cloud Professional package.

Find out more, or get in touch today to arrange a demo and see how we can help you engage your community. It’s easy with Award Force!