Your program is unique, and we want to help you keep it that way

Provide your users with relevant and in-context information they need to nominate, enter or judge in your program.

No developers needed! You can easily update and maintain your program content with a range of flexible features and functions, designed to keep your program participants informed, every step of the way.

Go fast with default content

All new accounts start off with helpful default copy, provided to help you get started fast. Edit, delete or add new content as you please!

Content blocks copy.png

Content blocks

You control what your program participants see at every point of their entry or judging experience. Content blocks are set up in several useful places around the Award Force platform and you have ultimate control over all of them. You control the format, the text and can include high-res images and video too.

Content with video.gif

You control the terminology

Want to change the word “entries” to “submissions” instead? You can do that!

Award Force uses several words and phrases repeatedly in various locations around the platform— and you can change them to suit your program! You can adjust both the terms used around the system or even the actual interface text to suit your unique program needs! Powerful!


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