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10 reasons Award Force is easier for everyone

1. Saves organisers heaps of time

Time is money. The single biggest benefit of a great awards management system like Award Force is saving you time. Running awards manually takes an enormous amount of administrative effort—hours and hours of effort that cost dollars. Running awards with an inadequate online system also costs hours of effort, with frustration to-boot! Award Force is easy and saves you work, which saves you money.

2. Your entrants and judges already know how to use it

The Award Force user interface and experience is crafted to be so straightforward to use there’s no need for instructions or a manual for judges and entrants—you just need to give them the web address! Fewer support calls from your entrants and judges saves you time and money.

3. Making the move is painless

We’ve heard awards organisers that dread a move—perhaps they’ve had a bad experience, and change can be hard. But rest assured we understand in detail what it takes to set-up entry and judging for awards shows, and have refined the process to be painless, and surprisingly quick.

4. Getting started is a breeze

We’ve engineered our getting started process to be smooth and simple. It centres around a unique blueprint that will help focus making your awards better! From start to finish you will have an experienced awards producer on hand to guide you through.

5. Baked-in sponsorship opportunities

It’s easier to get a “yes” from potential sponsors with the unique high-visibility sponsorship opportunities that Award Force provides. Your sponsors will love it.

6. Do more with less

With streamlined entry, payment and judging saving you administration effort, Award Force liberates you to make your awards bigger, better and the best they can be.

7. It’s fast, so fast

Award Force is a leading edge application using the latest technologies to provide an interface that is attractive, smooth and quick to move around. Administering entrants, entries, payments, judges and so on, you’ll appreciate the snappy interface.

8. Judges love it

Your judges are important and busy people. Award Force’s judging interface is designed to be respectful of their time with your awards—it’s clear, simple, quick and reliable. Makes you look great and your judges will love you for it.

9. Entry fees go straight to you

Entry payments with Award Force go via your payment gateway directly to your account, we don’t aggregate payments. That means you receive the money sooner, all the money, and reconciliation is easier. Award Force provides payment reconciliation and reporting tools that make everything nicely accountable.

10. It’s a beautiful thing

Award Force is carefully designed with a sharp, contemporary interface that is customised to your brand. It’s easy on the eye, if we do say so ourselves—it’s even been recognised with some awards. Your entrants, judges, sponsors and organisers will appreciate the experience.

There you have it—10 reasons Award Force is easier for everyone. If that sounds good, you might be interested in the software features.