Awards branding 

See branding options in action!

Watch this video to get a quick overview of the branding options available to you.

Make it your Award Force

Theme everything from headers and footers, colours of elements on page and even PDF’s and emails sent from the system, with surprising ease.

Awards management branding
Awards management brand consistency

Blue-chip branding

We’ll help you theme your Award Force account to match your brand and get you started. Customer experience and brand consistency are a particular focus and strength of Award Force.

Responsive design

Award Force ensures your brand looks great from every angle and your program participants can use the device that they prefer. It’s easy to enter, judge or manage from any device.


Awards management branding responsive
Awards management brand extension

A natural extension of your brand

With plenty of styling options you can easily theme Award Force to match your brand. Award Force solidifies your program professionalism and extends your brand reach.


Bring your own domain

Your program account gets its own address on one of our white-label domains such as or you can use your own domain. All data exchanged with this domain is encrypted for security, and the integrity of your brand.

Awards management branding domain
Awards management branding

Sponsor visibility

Give your sponsors the visibility they desire. Choose to display different sponsors in different locations of the application and get strategic with how you sell sponsorship.