Create great entry forms 

Provide exceptional entrant experiences with the world’s most powerful entry form builder

Easily create sophisticated forms your entrants will love. Organise your form with chapters, categories and tabs. Use conditional logic to ask for additional information. Provide contextual help to your entrants. And do it all in one or more languages, all the while adhering to global privacy standards like GDPR and CCPA.

Anyone can use it

Create delightful, unique and user-friendly forms with a range of highly sophisticated options that are so easy to use, you’ll wonder why other software isn’t built this way. 

Accessible by all users

Award Force conforms to “WCAG 2.0 AA”, which means Award Force is deemed perceivable, operable, understandable and robust by people with disability.

Privacy features, standard

Comply with both GDPR and CCPA. Individual answers to specific questions can be protected under several increasingly secure options.

Multi-language ready

Create your entry form in one or more languages at the same time. You can localise alongside more than 20 professionally translated system languages.

Diverse question types

Choose from more than 15 different question types, including specialised fields such as numeric, date, email, table, URL, country and many more.

Mobile-friendly forms

Create fully responsive forms that automatically adapt to your entrant devices and create a consistent experience for all entrants. 

Get more done in less time

Create, edit and preview your entry form fast, in one location, online. No coding or specialist skills required.

1. Switch between editing and previewing in seconds

2. Access powerful question settings for editing on the fly

3. Add, remove and edit form tabs instantly

4. Place contextual information like help, tips, links and even video anywhere you see a pencil icon

5. Add new questions dynamically

6. Drag and drop questions and bring up question settings

Awards management entry form builder
Awards management entry form

Easy drag-and-drop editing

Visually adjust your entry form in real-time.

Drag and drop question order on the same tab, move questions to different tabs and rearrange the tabs themselves to create a form your entrants will love.

Conditional logic for personalised experiences

Create a dynamic, smart and personal entrant experience. Show or hide specific questions based on answers of previous questions.

Awards management entry form conditional logic
Awards management entry form hints

Get more completed entries

Support entrants with help, tips and guidance at every stage of their entry submission and help them complete their entries with ease.

You can add hint and help text to individual questions and you also have the ability to create a dialogue with users through a range of information areas on your entry form. These areas can include text, images and even video for a rich, brand-promoting experience.

Unique questions for specific categories

Run your awards program with multiple categories? No problem. You can configure your entry form to ask specific questions in specific categories and ensure your entrants only see relevant and meaningful questions on your form.

Awards management entry form categories