Unlimited entries, users and files

What’s a ‘seat’ anyway?

We are well into the 21st century— what’s the point of using online software when you are still charged like it’s 1990? Run your program worldwide with any number of program managers, chapter managers and admin users— without worrying about licenses for digital seats you’ll never sit in.

Grow your program, not stifle it

Have a goal to grow your program participation? Don’t let weird plan charges or tiered pricing stop you. Use an unlimited number of judges to adjudicate any number of entries in your program— without penalties (or surprises). If you have five entries or five thousand, it doesn’t matter to us. We are here to help you recognise excellence, without limits.

Unlimited files

Entrants can upload as many files as they like, and you won’t be charged anything extra. You can choose to restrict the number of files submitted by your entrants (it’s a good idea not to overwhelm judges with too much to review), but that’s your free choice, not ours.  The only thing we do ask, is to respect our fair use policy.