Error prevention 


Whether it’s the cat walking across the keyboard, the power going out or a desire to come back and complete an entry submission later, it rarely transpires that an entry is completed in one sitting. 

Award Force continuously auto-saves entries in the background as entrants are working to ensure they can pick up right where they left off, at any time before your entry round closes.

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Rich multimedia opportunities

Create an engaging entrant experience from the outset with rich multimedia on your entry form. Use text, high-resolution images and video to welcome, guide or provide additional information to your entrants in a snap. 

It’s incredibly versatile and helps to create an experience unique to your awards. 

Save time with contextual help

Have questions which might be open for interpretation? Want to provde guidance on how to answer? Use contextual help to assist entrants right when they need it most. For every question, you can add more details to clarify requirements or provide tips to help entrants respond more effectively. You’ll create an easier process for your entrants, save them time and get higher quality entries in return.


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Easy error identification

Everyone make mistakes, and with Award Force, your entrants are quickly advised if their entry contains any errors. Incorrect format for an email address? Over the word limit? Forgot to answer a required question? Award Force will alert the user, highlight the location of the problem and provide entrants an opportunity to rectify before they submit. Another handy peace-of-mind feature that makes all the difference to entry quality.