Accept awards attachments 
 and files with ease 

Unlimited files and file sizes

With Award Force you can accept as many files or attachments as you require to your program. There is no limit on the size of the files you can upload either. You decide what files you’ll accept, how many and of what size. 

Awards management file sizes
Awards management file types 2

All major files types supported

Whether it’s a document, image, graphic, audio, video or archive file, Award Force will accept all the established file types for that medium. 

More than 50 file types are supported, including popular file types like JPEG, Zip and mp4. 

Specify file types on a per question basis

Need to accept image files for one question and documentation in another? Not a problem at all. Accept documents in one question, videos files in another or any combination of file types in another. It’s completely up to you. 


Awards management file types

Ultimate control

We don’t impose any limits on the number of files allowed or file sizes. You are in complete control. Choose which file types you want to allow as well as the number of attachments per entry and their size.

Save time with bulk-download attachments

Need to use attachments or files outside of Award Force? You can easily download all entry attachments from multiple entries with our simple bulk download feature.

First-class entrant experience

Visual feedback for entrants

There’s nothing worse than waiting for something to upload and not knowing when it will finish. With Award Force, that’s not a thing. Entrants are kept abreast of the upload progress with a visual representation of how long they have to go. 

They also don’t have to wait until one file has been uploaded before uploading another. They can upload in bulk all at once!

Awards management visual feedback

Edit, delete and rearrange attachments

Entrants retain complete control over the uploaded attachments and can edit, delete and rearrange whatever they have uploaded, for as long as they need. 

Annotate attachments

Collect important information along with uploaded files and attachments as they come in. Entrants can specify any credits and additional URLs, give attachments a title and even specify the type of attachment they are uploading (if you haven’t specified the required file type). 

If they have captions for a video, they can upload these too. 

Awards management annotate attachments
Awards management videos and links

Public videos and links

Videos already uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo? Save your entrants a bit of time and let them provide a link instead. Like all other videos uploaded to Award Force, you’ll be able to view them directly within the platform. 

Streamlined judging experience

Fast and efficient

Judges can view supported file types (video, audio and images) right from within the platform. No need to spend time downloading files unnessesarily.

Awards management supported file types

Anonymise attachments

Want to ensure entrants are unidentifable by your judges? No problem. You can anonymise uploaded file names.

Fine control

Judges don’t always need to see every attachment. Streamline their judging process by specifying which attachments they can see.