Engage entrants 

Online award nomination and entry

Award Force is a high-performance award-winning system built for flexibility, ease-of-use and reduced admin. Free-up your time to focus on making your program the best it can be, from start-to-finish.

Easy entries

Accept entry to your program 100% online. Entrants register fast to access an intuitive self-service system where they create, enter multiple categories, and pay for entries or nominations. Better ROI from ease-of-use encourages increased revenue from submission fees, and higher user-satisfaction than alternatives.

Fast registration

Entrants start with simple registration that keeps quality high by blocking spam and ensuring valid email contact. Detail collected with registration is up to your needs.

Intuitive entry

The entry process is so user-friendly entrants already know how to use Award Force. No manual or training required!

Auto save entries

A good entry can be hours of work. Award Force auto-saves entries in-progress to avoid your participants losing work (we’ve heard of this happening with other systems timing out).

Easy entry into multiple categories

Entrants with an entry suited to multiple categories can use the easy ‘copy’ functionality to copy and adapt an entry for multiple categories. No need to to enter and upload everything again for each entry.

Entry management

Start an entry and take as long as they need to refine and complete over days or weeks before the deadline. Entrants don’t need to complete and submit their entry in one sitting. When they are happy with their entry they can submit, and it’s ready for judging—but they can edit it if necessary right up until the entries close!

Online payment

Accepting credit card payment for paid entry is easy with Award Force—we support leading payment gateways. You’re able to export transactions for reporting and reconciliation.

Unlimited entries

No technical or usage limits are imposed on the number of entries allowed. Each registrant may create as many entries as they need.

Track volume

As the program organiser, you have a clear overview of user and entry volume and can filter, export and analyse entries.

Track completion

Easy overview of entries that are in progress, submitted and paid in the case of paid entry programs. 

Flexible category configuration

You have complete control over set-up of categories, supporting information, entry criteria and category sponsor visibility that you can update at any time.

Unlimited file attachments

No limits are imposed on quantity of file attachments or file size. Organisers can choose to enforce a minimum and maximum number of required attachments (and max. size) with systems settings.


Award Force is accessible— conforming to the W3C WCAG 2.0 AA level accessibility guidelines.

More features for you

Managing your program

Powerful configuration options. Easy program management. Relaxed teams.


Sophisticated yet easy to use.
Helps your judges make great decisions.

Entrant experience and usability

All the features to help your entrants submit better, and more entries. 


Features to help you match your brand and extend your visibility