Award Force + Google Sheets 

What else can you do?

  • Create a spreadsheet row once a payment has been successfully registered in Award Force (particularly useful for revenue reporting)
  • Delete spreadsheet rows once tagged entries are rejected in Award Force
  • Update a spreadsheet row once an Award Force entry is tagged
  • And much, much more!

What are your options?

To integrate Award Force and Google Sheets, you have three options:



Some technical knowledge required
Least flexible

The most popular automation software on the market today. Zapier will allow you to easily pass information between both Google Sheets and Award Force with the least amount of effort or technical expertise. Learn how.


Some technical experience required
Very flexible

Make is an automation software similar to but less popular than Zapier. It is slightly more technical in comparison to Zapier but offers more automation flexibility. See how to connect Award Force and Google Sheets using Make.

API + webhooks

Most technical to implement
Most flexible

Use our comprehensive API and webhooks to leverage all the power of Award Force with Google Sheets. View our API documentation.