Salesforce + Award Force

Integrated with Salesforce

The Award Force integration with Salesforce facilitates native two-way data exchange

Powerful and flexible configuration options allow you to choose what information is exchanged with your Salesforce account, and where.

Zero developer effort is needed to set-up an integration— simply authenticate access to your Salesforce account and activate the data exchange features you need.

For member-based organisations using Salesforce, keep your member records in synch with Award Force and up-to-date. Validate membership to unlock discounted entry fees for your members entering your awards with Award Force.

When a user registers in Award Force

  • Check for an existing customer record in Salesforce
  • Retrieve information from Salesforce to populate an Award Force user record
  • Create or update customer and organisation records in Salesforce, populate with information collected in Award Force
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When a user updates their profile

  • Update their customer record in Salesforce

When submitting an entry, application or nomination

  • Create or update records in Salesforce and populate with entry information 
  • Create separate records for contributors or team members credited in an entry 
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When paying to enter

  • Require a member number to unlock member pricing
  • Check that a member record exists with the member’s provided number (rejecting invalid member numbers)