Judging panel management features 

Judging panels

Use our judging panels to quickly assign entries automatically. Choose the categories, the judges and judging round and Award Force will auto-create the assignments for you. Create as many panels as you need.

Awards management judge panel
Awards management judge random assignment

Random assignment

Want to assign a specific number of entries to each judge? Or maybe assign a certain number of judges to each entry? With just a few clicks random assignments does just that. Easy!

Ultimate control with manual assignments

Need finer control over the entries assigned to each judge? Then manual assignments is for you. Assign individual entries to specific judges for the ultimate control.

Awards management judge manual assignment
Awards management confidentiality

Custom confidentiality agreements

Entries often contain sensitive or confidential information. Ensure all judges sign a confidentiality agreement before they start judging. We provide a basic template which you can customise or you can use your own.

Divide the load

Have one or more categories with larger entry volumes? Keep the number of entries consistent for each judge and use divisions to divide the load.


Have judges who shouldn’t judge certain entries? Recuse them from those entries without impacting their remaining assigned entries.


Allow judges to declare a conflict of interest and abstain from judging the entry.