Awards judging feedback 

Flexible feedback options

Award Force comes packed with a range of options to help you provide judging feedback to entrants in a way most appropriate to your program.


  • Display feedback for some or all categories
  • Share only scores or comments or choose to share both
  • Allow judges to see each other’s comments
  • And much, much more!
Awards management feedback
Awards management anonymise feedback

Anonymise feedback

Make judging feedback anonymous by hiding the judge’s identity. Entrants still get the feedback but they won’t know which judge left it. 

Awards management anonymise feedback1


Display the category average score to entrants so they can benchmark themselves against all other entries in the same category.

Awards management benchmark
Awards management detailed feedback

General or detailed feedback

Award Force can be set to only show overall comments on an entry or let the entrants see a more detailed set of feedback for each of your set judging criteria. 

Easily accessible

Entrants have quick and easy access to judging feedback directly from their entry portal. The feedback is intuitively associated to each entry.

Access periods 

Allow indefinite access to judging feedback or only allow entrants to view feedback within a set period of time. The choice is yours.