Qualifying judging mode 

Only the best will do

Our qualifying mode enables you to quickly make pass and fail decisions on submissions and is perfect for shortlisting entries/submissions.

Awards management qualifying
Awards management qualifying

Leverage qualifying to do more

You can have your primary judges adjudicate with this mode, acquainting them with entries from the beginning, or configure your program to have a separate set of qualifying judges, or you + your team perform a qualifying stage for them.

Advanced use of the qualifying judging mode

Award Force is designed to give you maximum flexibility. The qualifying judging mode is no different.
You can tag entries based on pass/fail/unsure decisions and send them through a configured review flow. 

This means:

  • Passed entries can automatically be sent to judges for adjudication

  • Failed entries could be automatically informed of your program decision 

  • And entrants with unsure entries could be asked to resubmit or sent to another qualifying round. 

Awards management qualifying 2