Judging results management 

Real-time results

Easily monitor decision status and scores across all entries, categories, regions and score sets.

Project this view to a large screen for a wider audience to track scores with you (perfect for live-judging events) or keep it to yourself if you prefer scores be kept confidential until all judging has finalised. 

Image of Awards Force results
Image of Awards Force results

Track judging progress

Stay on top of your judges’ progress through their assigned entries and ensure your judging round stays on track and closes on deadline. 

Quickly find, filter, sort and tag entries

Find what you are looking for with powerful search and filter tools. You can even save your filter set for viewing later, or share it with your team so they see what you see.

Want to note any particular entries for specific or special treatment? Tag them. Tags can trigger new automated workflows or simply serve as a visual aid in the future. 

Image of Awards Force tools
Image of Awards Force results

Send emails or automate notifications

Automate notifications to communicate with entrants and judges. Or send bulk email broadcasts to update a larger group of participants at the same time.

  • Automate resubmission requests
  • Notify judges of new entries to assess
  • Inform shortlisted entrants of next round requirements
  • Notify winners
  • and so much more!

Customise your view

Tailor the leaderboard by customising both the column layout and visibility. Drag and drop columns to reorder your view or choose to hide them altogether.  And yes, you can save these views for later and share it with your team as well!

Custom exports

Need to export your judging data? No problem. Simply hit the export button, choose which columns of data you’ll need and what format you’ll want it in and then you’ll receive an email with a link to download in no time.