Sophisticated, multi-stage 
 entry management workflow 

Review Flow

Does your program require entries/submissions to progress through a complex nomination workflow or a multi-stage approval process before judging?
With Award Force’s Review Flow, you can do just that.

When an entry is submitted it can be sent to any individual for review. The individual can make changes to the entry (depending on what has been configured) and approve or reject the entry. Based on the outcome, the entry can be sent to another individual for review, and so on.

Manage nomination workflow or multi-stage approval process with Review flow

Reviewers can be Program Managers or individuals nominated with an email address in the entry. Or of course, a combination of both.

You can create as many review stages as necessary. You can also create multiple different review flows, e.g. for different categories. The outcome of each review stage is that the reviewer chooses a review action to stop the entry or allow it to proceed.

Review Flow is an incredibly powerful feature that will breathe life into your nomination flows or multi-stage approval process and ensure entries are handled according to your program requirements.

A few examples

Nominee review

Where an entry is a nomination, the nomination can be sent to the nominee for review. They may add further information and accept or decline the nomination.

Business entry
Manager review

A business entry can be sent to the entrant’s manager for review. The manager can make changes then approve/reject the entry.

On submission
Program manager review

Program Managers can be notified of each submitted entry, for it to be reviewed and further information added, before moderation approval.

Nominee + program manager review

In this example, a nominator submits an entry, the nominee decides whether they would like to enter, they may add further information and accept or decline the nomination. If they accept, the entry is sent to the program manager who either approves the nomination for judging, or requests a new submission from the original nominator.

Nominee approval process

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