Powerful archiving for awards 

Season archiving

When you complete an awards seasons, archive it! Archived seasons in Award Force are readily accessible and enable you to easily reference past entries, judging data, entries and even entry galleries.

It’s especially useful if you like to promote past submissions or celebrate winning entries in your marketing efforts.

When it’s time to create a new season, simply copy the archived season configuration to get going fast. 

Awards management season archiving
Awards management score set archiving

Score set archiving

Don’t want to archive an entire season (or don’t use seasonal functionality) but still want to declutter your judging views and reference judging data in the future? Then score-set archiving is for you. 

This feature allows you to keep your judging views clean and tidy without deleting any important judging information, like who was on the judging panel, how the scoring criteria was configured and what the results of that score set were. 

And remember, if you archive a score set by mistake you can easily undo it!

Entry archiving

Another useful archiving option for those programs who don’t want to archive by season. Award Force also allows you to simply archive your entries. With entry archiving you can:

  • Separate old and new entries
  • Lock older entries/submissions from being edited by the submitter
  • Keep submissions in a safe, easy-to-access location
  • Archive entries in bulk or one-by-one
  • Include or exclude archived entries from search results
  • Hide archived entries from judges and results
Awards management entry archiving