Bulk email with broadcasts

Need to send bulk communications to entrants or judges – not a problem with Award Force. Define your recipients, compile your message and hit send. Use it to advise on entry or judging round deadlines, to advise entrants of shortlisting, additional information requests and much much more! 

Award management interface broadcast
Software interface notification

Automated notifications

Take some weight off your awards team and leverage Award Force’s automatic notification functionality.  You can automate emails and SMS notifications for a wide variety of actions and triggers to communicate around the clock. 

You can send everything from entry confirmations, payment receipts, status updates and much more. 

Pair automatic notifications with our powerful tagging functionality to really ramp up the utility and maximise your time savings.

Personalised communication

No more generic emails. Use merge fields to add that personal touch by including entrant/judge names, entry names, categories and a wide range of other details. You can even include a response from their entry.

Software interface message
Data security icon

Respects user communication preferences for data protection compliance 

Participants in your awards program have complete control over their communication preferences, helping your program comply with various data protection laws around the world.

Legitimate interest settings are available to help you send critical communications to ensure participants are up to date on crucial information.