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Entry archiving

Do you run an awards or grants program all year round? Or do your entry and judging rounds remain open perpetually?

If the answer to either of the above is yes, you need the ability to do three things:

1. Separate old and new entries/submissions from each other (Stay organised and keep the clutter at bay)

2. Lock older entries/submissions from being edited by the submitter

3. Keep submissions in a safe, easy to access location for future reference

Award Force entry archiving will give you all that, and more.

With entry archiving, program managers can archive entries/submissions without deleting them, freeing your day-to-day working view from older entries. Archived entries are safeguarded for future use and entrants are prevented from editing them.

Even though they are archived, entries can still be edited and viewed by program managers, and if required, can even be sent through to judging.

Entry archiving enables you to create and maintain a well-organised repository of submitter supplied assets, which you can dip into and easily search, filter and access as you need. Useful for programs that reference historic entrant submissions for other areas of their organisation.

See it in action:

Award Force makes it easy to:

  • Archive/unarchive entries in bulk or one-by-one

  • Include/exclude archived entries from search results

  • “Hide” archived entries from various views and judging/assessment results

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