Manage duplicate awards entries 

Why award entry duplicates are a problem

Every awards program deals with duplicate entries or nominations at some point, it is inevitable. The traditional methods for finding duplicate entries or nominations demands a lot of manual and repetitive work. It’s no fun interrogating large spreadsheets of data or having to click through entry after entry to identify duplicates. It’s just not an efficient use of your time.

But we get it, it needs to be done. There’s a lot at stake. Which is why Award Force has purpose-built functionality to handle that for you.

Awards management duplicates
Awards management duplicates

All it takes is one click

Easily identify duplicate entries at the click of a button. Award Force will automatically identify all entries with the same, or similar, entry names— you don’t have to do anything else to find duplicate entries or nominations.

Easy viewing and comparing

Any duplicates found will be displayed to you on an easy to view page  allowing you to make quick comparisons between entries. We’ll set a suggested entry/nomination as the primary entry (you can adjust it if you prefer one of the alternatives).

Awards management comparing duplicates
Awards management organise duplicates

Keep your program focused and organised

Once you have identified a primary entry, you can archive the secondary entries and refer to them at a later stage, if you need to. Keeps your entry management clean, uncluttered and organised. That’ll make you efficient!

Easy undo

Marked an entry as a duplicate by mistake? Not to worry— you can easily undo the association of duplicate entries.

Awards management undo duplicate
Awards management secure

It’s safe and keeps you compliant

If you currently use spreadsheets to identify duplicates – you could be in breach of data protection guidelines. Especially if you are sharing that list with others. Don’t let an honest mistake become a big problem— manage duplicates in our secure, compliant platform and sleep easy.