Divide the load, by chapter 

Multi-chapter programs

For awards programs that have entries and/or judging arranged by say, geographic area—we call these multi-chapter programs, and we have some great management functionality to help you.

You might have different entry dates by chapter, or a different set of categories. You can assign chapter managers to oversee entries and judges for a particular chapter. You may need to report on entries, by chapter. And you can set-up judging panels (groups of judges) to judge specific chapters.

Award Force multi-chapter functionality makes managing awards programs across groups that much simpler.

Some examples of chapters

  • States

  • Regions

  • Cities

  • Boroughs

  • Countries

  • Club chapters

  • Schools

  • Organisational departments

  • Divisions

  • Business units

More features for you

Managing your program

Powerful configuration options. Easy program management. Relaxed teams.


Sophisticated yet easy to use.
Helps your judges make great decisions.

Entrant experience and usability

All the features to help your entrants submit better, and more entries. 


Features to help you match your brand and extend your visibility