Report on and export your awards data 

Birds-eye dashboard

Use the dashboard to get a full 360° view over your entire program. Track entries by chapter and category, collected entry fees (and potential fees), progress of judging rounds and more, all from one place.

Awards management dashboard
Awards management entries insight

Entries insight

From the Manage entries view, you’ll have access to wide range of insights on the status of your entries. You’ll have well crafted tools available to determine how many entries have been started, how many have been completed and whether there are any requiring resubmission. And you can do it all by chapter, category, moderation status and even by tags you’ve applied. 

Judging leaderboard + progress

Get a quick, real-time view of your judging results and progress instantly from the leaderboard and progress views. 

Depending on which judging mode you’ve used, you be able to track qualifcation status, number of votes, scores and preference counts per entry, by category and even sub-category. 

Need to determine how your judges are getting on? No problem. Hop over to the progress view and you’ll get all the insight you need. If you need to, you can even communicate with judges to help them stay on track and on deadline. 

Awards management leaderboard
Awards management overview

Entry fee overview

If you accept entry fees, you’ll love the transparent nature of our Order view. Just like other table views throughout Award Force, you’ll have access to everything you need to sort, filter and arrange your view, so you’ll easily be able to track payments that have been made. If you accept multiple forms of payment, we’ll list those, along with the date, entrant, season, category and more. It’s up to you how you slice it!

More handy reporting features


Program managers can export spreadsheet reports from any table in the system in a CSV file format. Some of the exports available include entries, users, scores and comments, judging leaderboard, judging progress, votes leaderboard, and payment transactions.

Search and filter

Across the whole of Award Force, use keyword search or field filters to drill down and find the data you need, from entries, users, scores, orders, whatever.