Manage your roles. Beautifully. 

Every program is different, and you need a submission evaluation platform capable of catering to your program structure, and not the other way around.

This includes the ability to adjust user roles and permissions to fine-tune the responsibilities for each person engaging with your program.

Award Force gives you granular control over user roles and permissions, which enables you to structure your awards or grants program the way you want and enable entrants, judges and your team to focus on tasks important to them. 

Easily control roles and permissions for your awards program

Award Force comes pre-configured with several default user roles you can tailor to your program requirements. If your program structure calls for something different, you can simply edit the existing roles, or create an unlimited number of new ones.

Unlimited user roles for your awards program

Just some of the permissions available to you include: 

  •  Ability to send broadcast notifications

  • Adjust content

  • Limit access to sections of the backend

  • Add/delete users

  • View specific entries for judging

  • Adjust score sets

  • Configure judging panels

  • And much, much more!

With more than 24 permission sets, you can choose to allow or deny the ability to create, view, edit or delete just about anything! Award Force is for all types of programs: big or small, simple or complex

More features for you

Managing your program

Powerful configuration options. Easy program management. Relaxed teams.


Sophisticated yet easy to use.
Helps your judges make great decisions.

Entrant experience and usability

All the features to help your entrants submit better, and more entries. 


Features to help you match your brand and extend your visibility