Don’t delete. Archive. 

Season archiving

Take advantage of season archiving functionality to save your season configuration and data.

With season archiving, you can safely store your entire program configuration for that season. Categories and chapters, your entry form design, your judging data – everything in that season, will be safely tucked away.

Save and keep previous year's program with season archive

Best of all, it is readily accessible and enables you to easily reference past entries, judging data (including scores, assignments and results) and even galleries. You can use it as a resource storage location and dip in when needed. 

It’s especially useful if you like to promote past submissions or celebrate winning entries in your marketing efforts.

Easily access previous year's data with season archive

Just copy your archived season to get going fast!

When you are ready to start a new season, you have a couple of options:


  1. Create a new season that is a copy of your configuration from a previous season. If your program is staying pretty-much the same as last time around, this is a huge time-saver— a few clicks and a couple of minutes and everything is ready to go. You can make tweaks to the new season (such as adding a new category, or new entry criteria) without affecting your past archived seasons.
  2. Create a new season from scratch with a fresh configuration. If your program is being redesigned or is substantially changed, you can start the season with a clean slate.

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