Grow your awards community, 
 elevate your brand 

Go beyond awards management

Grow your brand visibility, build a community and establish your place in the industry

Extend your brand

  • With plenty of styling options, you can easily theme Award Force to match your brand, solidify your program professionalism and extend your brand reach.
  • Bring your own domain… if you want! Your program account will get its own address on one of our white-label domains such as or, or you can use your own domain.
  • Award Force is fully responsive, so your brand looks good from every angle

Expand and nurture your brand community

Your program gathers people with a common interest around your brand. With Award Force, you finally have time to engage with your community, promote your program, and recognise and celebrate success.

  • Promote your program to known entrants with branded email broadcasts, directly from within the Award Force platform
  • Celebrate your community’s talent by showcasing submissions in visual galleries
  • Grow your social footprint with social media share buttons
  • Engage the public in your program with the public vote judging mode and expose your brand even further

Create strategic partnerships with sponsors

If sponsors are an important revenue contributor to your awards, Award Force provides unique and valuable visibility for your sponsors throughout the platform.

  • Pitch your program with confidence, knowing it is based on solid and dependable software that won’t let you down
  • Shine a light on your sponsors with flexible logo arrangement, sponsorship pages, embedded sponsor videos and placement in broadcast emails and notifications.
  • Choose to display different sponsors in different locations of the application and get strategic with how you sell sponsorship packages.

Ready to grow your brand?