Keep calm and manage risk 

Minimise risk

Running an award, grant or scholarship program comes with many challenges. It’s tough enough to ensure your entrants submit their entries on time; coordinate judging; and keep everything on track— without the worry of information loss, potential fraud and managing user privacy.

Award Force knows that time is not always on your side, so we built features to ensure your exposure to risk is minimised, while you can get on with doing what you do best— recognise excellence.

A few of the neat ways we minimise risk:


Things happen. People forget to click save before leaving a page, they lose power to their mobile, they close their browser by mistake… With our auto-save feature, entrants never have to worry about their entry being corrupted or their “work” being lost and you never have to worry about disenchanted entrants having to redo their entry.


Award Force comes with built in audit functionality. Easily check when an entry was altered, who deleted a category and if any exports have been produced. Our audit functionality comes with features for compliance with data protection, for example, helping you to easily issue deletion certificates to users who wish to be forgotten.

Bot protection

Spam bot attacks are an increasingly common challenge for all programs. Without protection, malicious users with sophisticated automated software can create entries and vote, invalidating the results and causing havoc in your program.

Our advanced heuristic bot detection and blocking functionality protects your program and ensures your entries and votes are safe from fraudulent and malicious activity.

Verified user registration

Ensure your program participants are real and contactable by requiring simple verification of their email address (clicking a link in an email) or mobile number (enter a code sent via SMS). It’s easy for participants, that you can be confident are not bots, and can be contacted!

GDPR compliance

Award Force is packed full of features to help you maintain your EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance. Users have access to consent options during registration, can set their notification preferences at any time. You can identify fields with personal/sensitive data to apply additional levels of security, or assist your users with any privacy requests; download user data for information requests or permanently delete a user on request.

Accidental deletion

It happens all the time, you delete something by mistake and have to start from fresh. Not so with Award Force! Bring back any deleted item, be it an entry, a field or user (Note: This does not apply to items deleted for adherence with GDPR, all items deleted under GDPR are permanently removed).

Mobile authentication

By activating mobile registration, users can use their mobile phones to register and log in, as an alternative or backup to email. This ensures that the user that registered, is the user that is accessing your program.

Certified information security management

We are confident that we have one of the most secure online application + evaluation solutions worldwide. If not the most secure. ISO 27001 certification, multi-factor authentication, multi-tier backups, encrypted data and more.

Read more about our security here

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