Keep your program organised, manage entries as they are submitted and save your judges’ time with moderation!

Moderation is a sophisticated adjudication software feature that helps you streamline your awards management process and saves your judges’ valuable time.

Categorise moderated entries in Award Force with the following states:

  • Rejected: The entry will not go through to any judging round.

  • Undecided: The submitted entry will go through to judging unless the judging panel is configured for approved entries only.

  • Approved: The submitted entry will show during judging.

Moderation in action:


By default, all entries are 'undecided'. Program managers can then reject or approve entries at any time, or revert them back to undecided, if, and whenever they choose.

When setting up a judging panel, you have the power to allocate only the approved entries to your judges. This will ensure your judges only see the best of the best and can help them focus on quality, instead of quantity. 

As a program manager, you can moderate entries individually as they come in or, if your program receives a large batch of submissions at once, or overnight, you can do it in bulk! Timesaver!


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