February 2019

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We have learned an enormous amount serving award programs around the world. From program strategies, marketing and monetisation to exciting ways to use Award Force.

We have so many tips, ideas and insights we'd ❤️ to share with you. But we'd love to hear what you'd be most interested in learning about first.

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February reminder

Want to allow some entrants to add extra information to their entries after submission?

You can do that by heading over to Entries > Manage entries, clicking the three dots icon to the left of the entry you want to request more information from, and select Require resubmission from the menu.

VIP Priority Queue for faster awards judging

Feature focus:

VIP priority queue

Every time you or your program participants perform an action on Award Force, a task is created for the application to carry out. Using technical wizardry, we prioritise tasks into several queues to ensure you have a smooth, responsive and enjoyable experience. 

For live judging events with many entries and many judges working at once, your panels are being organised on the fly, creating countless tasks that can impact the queues enough to slow the judging experience down. 

Enter, the VIP priority queue
Available for all judging modes, the VIP queue allows your program to take advantage of a dedicated server to help process all your tasks, fast. And it's available right now. 
Learn more about the VIP priority queue here

To view all the features released in February, along with any fixes and improvements, view our release notes.

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Why can't my judges see any entries?

Learn how to troubleshoot possible reasons why judges can't view entries by checking your round settings, reviewing your panels and other helpful checks.



Learn how to use the moderation feature to control which entries can proceed through to judging.