March 2019

Saving you time

Well, that's a wrap for March! We can't believe how quickly the year is moving along and it reminds us again how valuable our time is. It’s why we focus on saving you time each and every single day.

Why should we care so much about it? Here's a wild stat: There are only 1,440 minutes in a day! For an 8-hour work day, that’s just 480 minutes!

Read on to learn more about some new time-saving tips and hints!


March reminder

Have you taken our survey yet? We have so many tips, ideas and insights we'd ❤️ to share with you. But we’d like to hear what interests you the most. Tell us in this very quick, 4-question survey:

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Feature focus:
Nested bulk action button

We are regularly developing new features to help make the recognition of excellence in your industry just that little bit easier. And over the last few years, we have added an enormous amount of functionality to the Manage entries view.

To keep the Manage entries view slick, clean and usable, we've introduced a nested bulk action menu so you can easily access all the bulk actions you know and love, under one drop down button. You can access tags, downloads, copy, delete, archive and more, directly from there. Nothing else will change.

We'll be rolling this action button out to the other list views in the coming weeks!

To view all the features released in March, along with any fixes and improvements, view our release notes.


Can I use Google Analytics?

Yes! While Award Force provides a wide array of analytics, you can use Google Analytics to drill down further into your program data. Simply copy + paste your Google Analytics tracking ID into Settings > General. 

Once you add this, you’ll be able to track additional information, such as:

  • Volume of visits

  • Pageviews to your program

  • Average session time + time spent per user

  • Demographics, country of visit, type of browser and device (mobile vs. desktop)

  • Comparisons over time periods

  • Real-time traffic


Get new entry notifications

It’s exciting to see new entries come in for your program! If you want to get notified, take these simple steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Notifications. Select the “Entry submitted notification” and click the Copy button.

  2. Click on the copied notification to edit it. Select the option next to These email addresses and/or phone numbers and type in the email address/s you'd like to be notified.

  3. Click Save and that’s it!

Tip! You can copy and use any notification in the same way. The 'Payment pending' notification is a popular one to send to your finance team!


Meet an Award Force Jedi

You might know some of us already. But we thought it’d be fun to share more of our team who work behind the scenes to ensure your program software is always running smoothly. 

Name: Joséphine Borroméo 
Based in: Saint Chamond, France 
Role: Client Success Manager 
Hobbies: Electronic music, street art + urban exploration 

Her favourite Award Force feature: 
"Nowadays, everything goes so fast and we all try to "win back" some time. If I were the organiser of a street art photography contest, for example, and it was held every year, I would like to copy the configuration from one year to another. 

This is entirely possible using Award Force. In just a few clicks, you can copy the content of the application form, several settings related to the evaluation and more. In just a few minutes, you’re done. 

I like this quote: ”The main problem with this great obsession for saving time is very simple: you can’t save time. You can only spend it. But you can spend it wisely or foolishly." (Benjamin Hoff)"