Now even better

Two years ago, we launched Award Force in response to a market demanding a better way to manage awards.

Since day one we’ve had fantastic feedback and encouragement from our clients reporting more entries, increased sponsorship revenue, significant admin savings, and happy judges!

Now, we’ve launched the fourth generation of Award Force, AF4, a truly unparalleled solution for professionally managing awards, online.

For your community

Our guiding principle is that awards represent communities of people doing great things. Your awards bring people together, focussing minds and efforts on achieving and recognising excellence.

That’s why we strive to ensure all members of your awards community have a great experience as they interact with your awards online.

Many people want to enter awards but creating great submissions is not always easy. We make the process smooth and enjoyable, and can help you create a supportive environment to encourage people to start and complete high quality entries.

Once entries are ready for assessment, we make sure judges can harness their expertise in a fast, intuitive way. Data is secure, brands are well represented and amazing stories have their opportunity to shine.  

AF4 helps make your awards the best they can be.

It’s a beautiful thing

Truly unparalleled is a bold claim. But you must check it out, AF4 is a beautiful union of design and technology with a clean and minimal interface. Deceptively simple for your community of entrants and judges, AF4  offers power and sophistication to grow and innovate your awards. Here’s some of what’s new:


AF4 now supports multiple languages, multiple judging modes, multiple scoring rounds, multiple payment currencies, many more payment gateways, multiple pricing rules, multi-role users and multi-account access. The flexibility these “multi-features” offer supports the most demanding of awards programmes and provides a powerful toolkit to help smaller awards grow.

Everything in the right place

We understand the amount of administrative effort involved in managing awards and have introduced new tools to help, such as entry moderation and qualifying, tagging, rich-yet-simple management views, powerful search and filtering, and the most amazing judging panel configuration you’ve seen.

As one of our clients remarked, “Wow! Everything’s in the right place.”


Award Force has always been fast, secure and leading the way in data integrity. We’ve stepped that up. In fact, we re-thought our entire technology stack.

Our cloud architecture is simultaneously simpler, and more robust. Scaling is automatic, so when you get that surprise media coverage which sends your entries soaring, AF4 doesn’t miss a beat.

Continuous deployment means we move fast to have system improvements and innovations across all our clients’ awards, daily. Our role-based permission architecture is honestly the most sophisticated any of us have ever seen in a SaaS application.


With AF4 you have full control to manage all aspects of the awards system yourself, directly, live. From content to payment gateways and prices, from the entry process and judging set-up, change is at your finger-tips.

Watch this space

We’re not stopping there. Far from it. More exciting industry-leading developments are just around the corner as we continue to innovate. That’s all we’ll say for now :)

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