Working harder not smarter with 
online forms 

While it may seem cost-effective, using an online form builder for your recognition program will cost you time and money in the long run. It will present a poor experience for your entrants and judges. And from a technology standpoint, will fall significantly short of what you can achieve using a dedicated, fit-for-purpose software solution designed with recognition programs in mind. Here’s why…

Problems for program managers

No brand or sponsorship handling

Online forms offer limited brand personalisation. Some forms will allow you to choose between a few primary / secondary colours and if you are lucky, allow you to upload a background picture. With Award Force, you have a configurable interface that helps your brand shine and gives your sponsors plenty of visibility.

Poor to non-existent categories or languages

If you have multiple categories, criteria or languages to accommodate, using an online form to accept submissions is going to be a nightmare. Award Force offers sophisticated season, category and fields functionality to configure as you need. We also offer support for multi-language programs with more than 15 languages to choose from.

Unsophisticated user registration and roles

With online forms, there is little-to-no protection unknown rogue users or spam bots. Award Force employs sophisticated security techniques to ensure spam bots and bad actors are kept at bay.

Hard work for entrants + submitters

No ability to save an entry in progress

With an online form, entrants need to complete their submission in one sitting, which can be tough with busy schedules. Using Award Force, your paricipants can edit their entry as many times as they like. Even after they have submitted their entry. People need time to prepare, craft and refine their award winning submission. Unless they can work on their submission over several sessions, entrants will procrastinate, and perhaps forget about entering entirely.

File uploading is problematic and potentially dangerous

Only some online form builders allow for file upload, with basic functionality. You may be limited by file type, file size and number of files that can be uploaded. Online form builders that allow you to upload files advise that you only allow file uploads from people you trust! Because unknown users could send malicious software, trojans or viruses— wreaking havoc for your recognition program. Needless to say, online forms with attachment capabilities are exceptionally dangerous. and NOT advisable for recognition programs.

Award Force solves all this with unlimited and sophisticated upload handling, automatic virus scanning and impressive display of file uploads for online judging.

Entrants can’t edit a submission

Ever written an exam and wish you could go back and edit your answers? You can’t, the rules don’t allow for it and, well, it’s the same with an online form builder. Whether it was human error, a technical problem or just the cat walking over the keyboard and submitting on your behalf— mistakes happen. If your entrants are near the end of the form— it will be difficult for them to find the resilience to redo a submission from scratch. It might be okay if they just got started but note— you are the one that will have to sort through all of those duplicate submissions and find the one worth using.

No judging, adjudication or assessment

So far we have only covered handling entries with online forms because that’s all they can readily do. Sure they might offer some graphs quantify responses but that’s not judging. No, we are talking about real, awe-inspiring judging features that online forms just don’t have, such as:

  1. Judging/adjudication management
  2. Manage panels of judges and judging assignments
  3. Control public, private or invite-only judging access
  4. Communicate with judges. Like you can do with our broadcast feature
  5. Keep abreast of judging progress
  6. Real-time, automatic result calculation and display
  7. Choice of judging methods. Okay, we’re biased here because no other software on the market offers the sophistication of judging we do. Powerful judging modes: Qualifying, Top pick, Voting and VIP judging. You can arrange multiple judging stages together and create a judging solution that is perfect for your program

More features for you

Managing your program

Powerful configuration options. Easy program management. Relaxed teams.


Sophisticated yet easy to use.
Helps your judges make great decisions.

Entrant experience and usability

All the features to help your entrants submit better, and more entries. 


Features to help you match your brand and extend your visibility