Online payment

The Award Force platform accepts online payment transactions for you, via your own gateway—you receive funds sooner and have complete control over financial transactions.

Payment handling is an option for paid awards entry or nomination.

If you already have an account with one of our supported gateways, set-up is super-easy—it's just a matter of selecting your gateway and providing necessary connection details, such as an API key. If you don't currently have a payment gateway we're happy to recommend one based on your particular situation.

Supported gateways include Authorize.Net, BluePay, BPOINT (Commonwealth Bank), CyberSource, eWay, First Data, Mercanet (BNP Paribas), NAB Transact, Netbanx (Paysafe), PayPal Express, PayPal Payflow Pro, Realex Payments, Sage Pay, SecurePay, Stripe, Westpac PayWay and WorldPay. 


All funds go directly from the entrant to you, via your gateway. Your money is never held by Award Force and we don’t take any cut or commission.

Variable pricing options

Set up different entry prices for e.g. members and non-members, early bird entries, or late entries. Easily apply different prices by category. Even configure a mix of free and paid categories.

Payment receipts

Successful payment transactions are accompanied with a receipt, also sent by email and available in the user's account for later retrieval and reference. No further finance administration obligations to your customers!

Financial administration

All payment transactions for entries or tickets are recorded in detail as orders that can be exported as a spreadsheet for reconciliation, reporting or analysis. Gateway transaction IDs are recorded for cross-referencing payments.


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