In a world of busy,
time is our most valuable possession

Streamline your program activities, tie everything together, and enjoy time saving benefits for you, your judges and your entrants.

Here’s how Award Force helps you win time, and lose stress.


Designed with your time in mind

The Award Force platform is packed full of features to help you and your team save valuable time.

Keep tabs on your program performance, communicate with entrants + judges, save views that matter to you and make adjustments to your program on the fly.


We love this platform! So easy to customize. Saved so much time and support was spot on!

Jennifer Gervais


Task completion focus

No distractions, no gimmicks. Award Force is task oriented and focuses every participant in your program on the job at hand. Entrants benefit from a dynamic entry submission process, judges are enabled with all the right tools and you get a view over every aspect of your program.

Nothing more, nothing less. Just success.


We've experienced huge time savings, as well as increased participation in the awards program!

Stacie Galloway


Reduced calls + emails

Award Force has been designed to provide your program participants with the best possible experience and that means making entry, nominations and judging an intuitive, fast and pleasant experience.

It’s just plain easy to use.
So say goodbye to daily “How do I do this?” emails and phone calls.


Using Award Force was a huge time saver for managing our program.

Angela Miller


Geared for success

Not only is Award Force easy to use, it’s also backed by our friendly and accessible client success team. We have a proven “Getting started” process designed to get you going from day one. We’ll learn about your program, you’ll learn about Award Force and we’ll make the magic happen together, in no time at all. Built-in setup guides and helpful, context-sensitive how-to articles right there in the software keep you in flow.


Watch demo videos

See how Award Force works for your program participants when they submit or evaluate entries.


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