July 2017 release update

New features

  • Slovenian is now available as a language option

  • Multi-factor authentication to improve the security of accounts is complete

  • Seasonal entry review filter enabled

  • Export for judging assignments view is available for use

  • Ability to send contributors to Salesforce


  • The columns in the scoring criteria list view are updated

  • Now add a category name to the individual scores export

  • Galleries now show instantly in the menu when created or updated

  • Optimised bulk role assignment


  • Removed the bug causing the divide by zero error in top pick judging mode

  • The top pick export has been resolved

June 2017 release update

New features

  • Award Force integrated with Salesforce allowing data to be passed between the two systems

  • Judging assignments can be viewed, searched and filtered in a report

  • Additional white-label domains (grantplatform.com and staffexcellence.com) are now supported

  • Facility to (optionally) lock completed assignments and avoid inadvertent changes

  • Export individual scores

  • "Badge" award feature is now complete and ready for use


  • Broadcasts can now be sent from the judging assignments view

  • Various permissions adjustments

  • Scoring criteria refinements and new options

  • Autocomplete performance has improved markedly

  • Empty or hidden fields are now not considered for scoring

  • Language translation updates


  • Panels and abstentions missing from Progress view has been recitified

  • An error saving interface text has been resolved

  • Fonts now appear as selected in PDF's

May 2017 release update

New features

  • Orders can now be soft-deleted

  • Additional PDF's

    • Packing slip PDF

    • VIP Judging PDF for scoring


  • Copied video files no longer have any missing transcoded file parts

  • More optimisations to assignments


  • A large number of minor bug fixes have been resolved and to date, no bugs are outstanding

April 2017 release update

New features

  • Entry preview

  • Payments season toggle/switch

  • Indicate entries that are in the cart

  • Category division filter on manager entries view


  • Default role applied on login if user has no roles

  • Additional option for related entries in paid accounts

  • Tracking of video viewing minutes complete

  • Queue performance and infrastructure improvements

  • Mobile responsive view improvements

  • Category count for fields updates based on filter


  • Default home logo missing from new accounts

  • Role assignment fixes

  • Facebook registration fix

March 2017 release update

New features

  • Control the judging slideshow per entry

  • Default chapter is locked to prevent mistaken deletion

  • Feedback comments are now available from all judging modes

  • Export for VIP judging summary

  • Thumbnail gallery option is now available for file fields on an entry


  • A few UI updates and tweaks

  • Judge settings moved to score set

  • Role assignment improvements

  • Additional discount functionality for discounting entire cart (not just individual items)

  • Automatic assignments have received a number of optimisations


  • Small bug in the cart has been rectified

February 2017 release update

New features

  • Export for fund allocations

  • Account setup guides added for entry and judging

  • Cybersource has been added to our ever growing list of supported payment gateways


  • All exported PDFs now include the Account name, Season, Chapter and Code

  • Video links have been added to slideshow

  • You can now reset a guide with the "reset guide" control


  • TIFF files will now generate a thumbnail on the entry list view

  • AAC audio format now plays in the audio player

  • Related entries check for pricing rule was not seasonal