Need an adjudication software platform to display video entries and submissions in all their glory? Look no further.

Award Force has sophisticated inbuilt video handling, hosting and delivery capabilities, providing a solid solution for video-centric awards, festivals and gala events.


Large file handling

There are no performance restrictions when uploading and storing large file sizes. Award Force manages the load without stress. More than suitable for anything from a quick introduction video to an HD feature-length film (and longer!)

Automatic video transcoding and viewing

With so many diverse video formats, it can be a pain to support and play back all of them when downloaded. Award Force automatically transcodes source videos for playback directly in your web or mobile browser. You can even Chromecast!


Multiple bitrates/resolution streaming

Uploaded videos are automatically encoded into several resolutions/bitrates suitable for streaming playback directly in the browser— meaning your participants don’t need to worry if they’ve got a slow connection.

Instant access to originals

Need access to the original uploaded video files? No problem. You can download unmodified videos as you need them.


More features