The Other Hundred Healers uses Public voting to create buzz + build community


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Listen to Jaqueline P’ng talk about her experience in making the switch to Award Force.

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The Other Hundred is a worldwide initiative to provide a better understanding of the people who make up the world and the lives they lead. The Other Hundred Healers is the fourth installment of the initiative. It is completely digital, and is working to recognise the men, women and children who are healing their communities during the global pandemic through selfless acts of work, caring, kindness and compassion.  

About the awards program

The Other Hundred Healers contest requests photos that celebrate the people behind the scenes across the world –– from delivery workers and truck drivers to waste collectors and supermarket staff. The photos should be provocative, dignified, diverse and positive. Entrants can submit up to ten photos. Entry is free, and winning submissions receive a cash prize. The program uses both Public voting and VIP voting. 

Program challenges before Award Force

Before moving to Award Force, The Other Hundred Healers program was using an out-of-date custom-made awards portal. And, with a team split between Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, The Other Hundred Healers needed to create a virtual program with easy entrant, management and judging accessibility. They needed a software that would allow them to go through each entry together, despite their geographic locations. 

“Before, the open call happened for 4-5 months, people put photos in, and the public had no idea what was going on,” P’ng said. “They’d never seen a single picture or heard a single story until the results were out. We had exhibitions and events to help market it after open call. But in this edition, we didn’t have that luxury. The buzz had to come during the open call phase.” 

The Award Force choice

Award Force’s Public voting feature was exactly what The Other Hundred Healers needed to help market their program during the open call phase. 

“I was also looking for something quick to customise that had a strong support team to help me troubleshoot quickly,” P’ng said. “I’m not a tech person. So I needed something I could customise on the get-go.”


“From the moment I got the demo up till now I have had a great experience in using Award Force,” P’ng said. “It’s very easy to use. And I love the support team.”


“We’ve had a great experience with Award Force. It’s very easy to use. And it’s powerful in a way that we ran our first public voting round, ever, in The Other Hundred history.” 

Public voting in Award Force

It’s also been a boon for their awards community, P’ng said. The program depended on the participants themselves to promote their own entry during the open call phase.

“We told them–– get your friends, family and your network to vote for you. And everyone had fun doing it.”  

“It’s very powerful in terms of running the program creatively and in terms of marketing and publicity.”