Immediate Media uses Award Force for data exports, communication tools, and ease of use

Client case study


Immediate Media is a multi-platform media business that owns and operates some of the best-loved brands in the UK, focusing on special interest markets and engaging over 26 million passionate consumers each month, offering them world-class content and innovative new products and services.

Their awards

Within their parenting portfolio, Immediate Media use Award Force for three award programs:

Immediate Media has used the Award Force platform since 2017. “And we’ve never looked back,” said Jenna Morris, group marketing manager.

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Junior design awards 2019

The challenge with their previous platform

“We didn’t have enough user ability,” Morris said of their previous system, who said they didn’t have control over aspects of their program’s platform, especially the data and results and entry updates. 

“It was frustrating and old-fashioned,” Morris said of the old system.

They knew they had to change their platform and turned to the internet for help, which is where they found Award Force. 

“We researched a range of different options before changing platforms and Award Force outshone the competition,” she said.

The move to Award Force

When it was time to make the decision, Morris said, they chose Award Force for their:

  • “Fantastic customer service”
  • The wide range of controls the user has over the look and feel of the platform
  • And “the ability to conduct our own data pulls without going to a third party (which previously had been time-consuming and frustrating!) “


Because of the Award Force onboarding, Immediate Media was able to configure their new platform quickly and easily.

“Our biggest risk was getting our notoriously skeptical journalists on board with using new technology – if Award Force didn’t perform then this was going to add huge strain to the performance of our awards programs. But, the training and support we received from Award Force soon put any of these worries to rest and everyone on the team was on board with the new platform in no time.”

Favourite feature

“We love being able to choose exactly what data we need to look at and then export this accordingly. We are also a big fan of broadcasts – they have revolutionised the way we connect with our entrants,” Morris said.

Jenna Morris, Immediate Media, UK

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