“Their system is so intuitive and the way they set it up through understanding what we really wanted was brilliant.”

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Mondiale Publishing

Amy Wright, Event Director

Amy Wright

Program background

“Established in 1984, Mondiale Publishing Ltd publishes international business to business magazines and websites that range across the hospitality, entertainment technology and architectural markets.  We also host and manage some of the most prestigious awards in Europe and Asia so when it comes to our awards system, only the best will do.

The software selection process

In our search to replace our locally run award system, we identified four potential companies to speak with.  One was the local incumbent, two were in the US and Award Force in Australia.  Award Force was like a breath of fresh air with a website that was clean and very attractive.  We arranged a web-demo with them that showed how we could match their system to our needs.  It looked great and we were very keen and made the decision to go with Award Force over all the others.  It was the best decision ever.  Award Force’s customer service was great and continues to be so.  Their system is so intuitive and the way they set it up through understanding what we really wanted was brilliant.

The outcomes

The distance between us has proven to be completely inconsequential as their responsiveness is outstanding.  With Award Force we feel like we have real partners working with us in our best interests every step of the way and they demonstrate this in so many ways.  They check in and send us reminders and collaborate in the continuous improvement and development of our system.  The built in flexibility means I can easily amend and adjust things quickly and effectively for the awards we run and this value add cannot be underestimated.  Award Force is a “can do” organisation that I can completely trust because of their outstanding responsiveness and capability.

Goodwill in our line of business is incredibly important.  We deal with CEOs and Presidents of major hotels, architects and interior designers globally and all of these people use, and are exposed to, our award system.  Award Force’s system reflects well on us and our brand is definitely enhanced as a result.  Judges give their time free of charge and their participation is made so much easier by the system and entries in awards are growing.  The system is simple, it’s more professional and it’s fully integrated as a seamless part of our website.

After 18 months of continued success and customer service second to none, recommending Award Force is easy and I do so far and wide!  I do tell people not to be put off by their location because our experience proves it’s like they’re in our own backyard.  They’re better than companies 100 metres down the road from us!

Amy Wright, Event Director
Mondiale Publishing, Stockport United Kingdom

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