RCSA Industry Awards nets 35% more entrants with Award Force


RCSA Industry AwardsThe RCSA Industry Awards has run for 21 years, recognising excellence in the recruitment and staffing sector across Australia and New Zealand, with the vision to improve lives, communities and the economy through leadership and empowerment of the “World of Work”. 

The challenge with their previous platform

Historically, the RCSA used a combination of survey platforms, spreadsheets and word processors. 

“The driving factors for change were the need to elevate the experience whilst simplifying the process,” said Rachael Fisher, the RCSA Industry Awards program manager.

 The Award Force choice

Fisher said she chose Award Force for the following features:

  • Accessibility – the platform is 100% online, and it requires very little from the program manager once everything is set up
  • Professionalism – the platform gave the awards program a more professional “look and feel” 
  • Branding – the ability to theme their account and co-brand with sponsors where they could feature sponsors’ branding in each award category
  • User experience – a simpler experience for entrants, judges and the program managers
  • Oversight – “The ability to see who created an account, who started an entry and who abandoned an entry was critical in achieving our 35% growth in the first season with Award Force.”  

Favourite feature

“The ability to copy the previous season build saved me HOURS in preparing for our 2020 series,” Fisher said. “And the support team is always super helpful, responsive and they clearly have great knowledge of the system.”


In 2019, the RCSA Industry Awards received 35% more entries than the previous year, which positively impacted the program and its visibility in the industry. And, the number is still growing in 2020, up by 23% over the previous year.