The Livestock Conservancy sees 100% increase in submissions with Award Force

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The Livestock Conservancy is an American non-profit membership organization that works to protect over 150 breeds of livestock and poultry from extinction. Through the generous contributions of grantors and private individuals, they work to enhance the competitiveness and stability of heritage breed livestock and poultry farms.

About the grant program

The Livestock Conservancy offers competitive small grants to heritage breed enterprises. Funds are used for the purchase, production and marketing of heritage breed animals, their products, and agri-tourism.

Program challenges before Award Force

Due to budget limitations, The Livestock Conservancy was using an online form for their grant application process. The system was difficult and cumbersome. “We had a difficult time recruiting judges and applicants to the program.”

The Award Force choice

“I called numerous granting organizations to get suggestions for grant management programs and all of the suggestions were way out of our price bracket,” Beranger said. “It was a lucky day when I stumbled upon the Award Force website and after a live conference call with one of the AF representatives, I, and my fellow staff members, knew this was going to be the right program for our needs.”

The Livestock Conservancy chose the Award Force Starter plan, the choice within their budget, and ideal for free-to-enter programs. 


Beranger found it quick and easy to get started. “What I like best about it is as a first-time user (and not a very technically oriented first-timer!) is that I was able to navigate the program and set up applications and judging parameters fairly easily, thanks to the amazing online help. I often found the answers I needed with the content in the “need help?” tab but I did on occasion need more help beyond that. Responses from the technical advisers were fairly quick and their assistance was given with great patience!”


In the program’s first season with Award Force, the organization saw a 100 percent increase in applications and judges, Beranger said.

“Award Force has dramatically improved our service to both applicants and judges. It can be a real challenge to recruit judges because of the time commitment required in order to do a good job. But the feedback I got from them is they all enjoyed the experience of judging and they felt it was a rewarding experience. For applicants, we had a greater number of people apply because it was so easy. This is particularly important for our organization since for many of the applicants, this was the first grant they had ever applied for.”

Favourite feature

“I love the flexibility of the program even at the starter level we chose to purchase.”

Advice to others

“Take advantage of the Award Force sanity checks”, Beranger said, which includes a check of the configuration to make sure the program is ready to accept applications.  

“The “sanity checks” were of enormous value to help work out all of the kinks in the setup process. Make sure you do multiple test runs for both judging and applications before launching a program.”

Jeannette Beranger, The Livestock Conservancy Microgrants Program

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