“I can’t stress the word ‛easy’ enough.  We have a system that’s completely streamlined for entrants, judges and us.”

Case study interview with Jessica Havard, Business Director, Two de Force

Jessica Havard

Background to the story  

Two de Force is a boutique event management company that creates and produces imaginative and unique experiences for their clients.  Established in 1995, Two de Force has earned a formidable reputation as an energetic, passionate and dynamic team of professionals with a wealth of experience in all aspects of event production.  Having created hundreds of events, they are proud of their reputation for being resourceful and lateral thinkers with exceptional organizational skills and strong attention to detail.   One of their specialisations is award programs which Two de Force individually design to meet specific criteria according to their client’s requirements.  The objective is simple: “The award and judging process – made easy”.  

Our experience | Award Force as our partners

“Our reputation and credibility with our clients is critical for us and that means we need to ensure that their award entrants and judges have the best user experience possible. We were deeply dissatisfied with the other Australian system we were using and the stress due to their incompetence had become intolerable for us.  We had begun our research for a replacement and our criteria included that whomever we chose would be an Australian based company.  It is important to us to work with people who really understand our needs as a business, the culture in which we operate and who have the expertise and capability to provide real-time service.

When Award Force approached us to discuss our award program needs, their timing was perfect and it was quickly clear that they were perfect for us.  They showed a strong understanding of the requirements for successful award programs with functionality, design, usability, sensitivity and security for applicants and judges being of paramount importance.  Award Force understood this from day one and demonstrated their capacity and capability to ensure this was uncompromised.

With the Media Federation Awards about to happen, we switched to Award Force and we have never looked back! They completely understand the need for a seamless process and work with us as real partners who we know we can trust.  With Award Force it’s all stress free and we love the template they’ve designed for us so that we can customise it ourselves to suit immediately.  It’s an enormous value add and really empowering for me and our team.  That’s partnership in action!

The Results | Outcomes

The feedback from judges has been overwhelmingly positive with all saying the system is easy for them to use making the whole process user friendly.  I can’t stress the word “easy” enough.  We have a system that’s completely streamlined for entrants, judges and us.  It’s straightforward and trouble free performance.

We want our valued clients like the Media Federation Award Program to enjoy the benefits of working with us and we understand their experience impacts on our retention rates.   With Award Force on our side, our credibility is enhanced and the perception of our clients by entrants and judges is enhanced.  It’s a win-win solution for everyone involved.

I have recommended Award Force many times and simply tell people that they offer a stress-free, simple, reliable system that’s tailored to their needs.  I strongly advise people to research their options to know what they’re missing without Award Force.  They’re high value partners and we wouldn’t be without them.”

Jessica Havard, Business Director
Two de Force, Sydney Australia

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