Top pick

Small groups of judges can reach an adjudication decision easier and faster because there is time and space for robust discussion and sharing of opinions.

But what do you do when you have a large adjudication group where reasonable discussion is not possible or isolating opinions is important? You still need a way to reach consensus, and it can be difficult if you have polarised opinions to work with. 

That’s where Award Force’s Top Pick judging mode comes in. It keeps your program impartial to opinion and provides judges the ability to rank their top preferences and helps your program find the leading submissions by consensus or “rank”.

Top pick.png

Single transferable vote

Top pick is a high-end judging method using the Single Transferable Vote method (STV) of calculating results, which is a voting system designed to achieve proportional representation through ranked voting for multi-winner outcomes. The STV calculation is used for elections across much of the English-speaking world.

Reach consensus  

With a large community of judges, there is potential for polarising opinions— top pick is an outstanding method for determining consensus amongst judges. It is transparent, straightforward for individual judges and highly configurable. Turn polarised opinions into group consensus, fair and square.

A community driven solution

Chain top pick with public voting to create a truly community driven voting methodology. Get the expert opinions of your judges to identify the best quality submissions then put these entries to a public vote to find the winner everyone can get behind. Or swap it around and have the public vote first – your program can have it both ways. No cookie cutter awards here!


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