VIP judging

Your valued judging team are important and busy people—that's why we call it VIP judging. Award Force’s user-friendly judging interface makes for quick and efficient judging.

Judge's view

Judges each have their own secure login, shown only entries that they are to judge. We've made the judge's view of entries super clean and clear—with everything nicely arranged on one page for an easy overview and scoring experience. Your judges will love you for its speed and simplicity!

Judging status

In the judge's list of entries, they can easily keep track of the entries they have judged, that are in progress, or are yet to be judged—they can easily see how far they are through the process and what's left, even filtering their list to only show entries they are yet to judge.

Powerful configuration of judging panels

Set-up your judging panels in a flash, associating groups of judges with entries by a combination of category, chapter, shortlist, etc. Balance workload between judges by splitting categories into smaller groups of entries.

No training required

Judging is so clear and straightforward your judges already know how to use Award Force. No manual or training required!


Judges can make reference notes only they can see, on an entry. A great help in recording thoughts to come back to.

Public comments

Judges are invited to make a comment on entries that they judge, that may be shared with the entrant, used in promotional materials or quoted at awards presentations.

Judging confidentiality agreement

Do your judges need to sign a confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement? Save time for everybody by getting them to do this online the first time they log in.

Score audit matrix

Examine the score breakdown for an individual entry by judge and judging criteria to identify any judging anomaly or in the case of dispute.

Real-time judging leaderboard

Monitor scoring as it happens with a dynamic leaderboard that provides an overview of progress and scoring summary at your fingertips.

Manage shortlist, finalists and winners

Use the judging leaderboard to mark shortlist, finalists and winners, then e.g. configure second round judging panels to review shortlisted entries.

Tablet enabled judging

Great for live, in-person judging days, have your judges review and score entries on iPad. Award Force has been optimised for tablet and smartphone use.


More features