August 2019

New features

  • Along with our new manage duplicates feature (released last month), we have now implemented additional corresponding functionality:   

    • A new option has been provided to the score set configuration to allow judges to see duplicate entries. This adds a box to the judging view to display the number and details of duplicates in the set, enabling judges to see the primary entry and any duplicates. Judges can also click into duplicates in the list to see more information.

    • Tags are now also visible on the manage duplicates list view.

    • On the manager's view of an entry, there's now a box listing all the associated duplicates. Program managers can use this to undo a duplicate if they were grouped together by mistake.

  • SAML (Security Markup Language) authentication is now supported for Single Sign-On (SSO).

  • Judging panel configuration now has improved filter options for entry tags. Entries can now be included in a panel as a result of having any of a selection of specified tags (existing behaviour), all of the selected tags, or none of the selected tags. 


When making changes to settings in payments, themes, or categories, the save button will now return the user to the same screen they were viewing. #timesaver

July 2019

New features

  • The new manage duplicates feature is now available for pro accounts. This feature can both automatically identify duplicate entries and allow program managers to manually manage any suspected duplicates. Entries with the same or similar names in the same category will be flagged as a possible duplicate entry. The program manager will be able to:

    • See an overview of a duplicate set

    • Compare duplicate entries

    • Observe or change the primary entry

    • View confirmed duplicates in archives

    • Set entries as “Not a duplicate”

      Learn how to save time managing duplicate entries on our support site

Manage duplicate entries / nominations

Manage duplicate entries / nominations

  • There’s a new content block at the top of the user preferences tab to help communicate the importance of broadcast and notification subscription emails to your entrants. Like all content blocks, this copy is editable to fit your program needs.
    Learn more about this content block on our support site

  • Swedish is now available as a language option

  • Discount codes now have an expiry date and a new checkbox to make them active/inactive.


  • It is now impossible to create a round where the end date is before the start date to help prevent misconfiguration.  

  • When two or more score sets are active at the same time and use the same content block only one content block will now display to avoid duplicate content.

  • There is now a visual prompt for users to check their deleted list when trying to add a new user who already exists, but has been deleted.

  • It’s now possible to copy the table field type between seasons and accounts using My Award Force.

  • Resubmission edits now follow the same rule set by the “Entries locked on submission” checkbox. If this is checked, edits cannot be made after resubmission. If this is unchecked, edits can be made provided the ends date has not passed.

  • Image dimensions of file uploads are now included in the custom files export at Entries > Manage entries

  • The review/resubmission end dates have been removed from the judging and feedback round configuration options as they are only applicable in entry configuration.

  • The new user preferences content block has received a few updates.

June 2019

New features

  • Actions now appear in the action overflow menu to the left of all entries at manage entries, making it much faster and easier for program managers to apply actions to individual entries.


  • When a new season is created, judging and entry seed rounds are now created at the same time.

  • The audit log now includes: 

    • Price events

    • Season creation

    • Copy, update and deletion actions

  • The round configuration setting now has an Audit tab to make it easy to access the audits via the rounds.

  • When you click refresh on a page, you’ll now be taken to the same point on the page rather than the top of the page. 

  • We added currency and percentage symbols to the payment page to make it easier to view the currency.

  • Voters can now unvote from voting list view. If "Maximum votes per entry" = 1 and "Votes can be revoked by users" is true, then the vote button can be pushed once to vote and once again to remove the vote (much the same as a “Like” button on social media).

  • On round configuration for single chapter accounts, when creating a new round, the chapter selector is now hidden with default chapter preselected.

May 2019

New features

  • The random assignments feature is now live! We’ve made it easy for you to create new random assignments for your judges. From the assignments list view, beside the primary action for “New manual assignment”, click “New random assignment”. You can set how many assignments to create per judge or entry.

  • The assignments view report has updated fields that clarifies the role.


  • Plagiarism detection functionality has some improvements, including:

    • Plagiarism scan column is now sortable

    • Manage entries list view now has a filter for plagiarism scan status

    • Usability improvements to error handling and large volume scanning

  • Dates displayed for orders on invoices are now adjusted for the account time zone

April 2019

New features

  • Badges can now be optionally set to display on the My entries list view.

  • All content locations now have an in-context edit icon (Blue pencil) that quick links to edit the content block, even if there is not yet a content block defined for that location.


  • A few improvements to the Entries tab of a user screen:

    • Tags are now displayed for entries

    • Status column displays the various other statuses as in the Manage entries list view

    • Pagination controls have been added to support longer lists of entries

    • An action button at the top of the tab Open in Manage entries shortcuts to all the functionality in Manage entries.

  • The Manage entries filter now has a typeahead filter for Entrants

  • The Score set configuration loading time is now much faster

  • Time stamping on edited chapters and other resources has been improved

March 2019

New features

  • Bulk action buttons are now nested under one Action button on the Manage entries list view.

  • Table field export is now available! Tables are now included in the same export file as the regular Entries export, with an extra sheet for each table field.

  • Field visibility for judging has been moved to score set configuration, on the display tab.

  • The Archive feature got a batch of exciting "phase two" additions/improvements:

    • Creating manual assignments, you can now filter "Entry state" to include/exclude archived entries.

    • The Assignments list view now has an "Entry state" filter.

    • You can now Archive/Unarchive an entry from the manager's view of the entry. Look for it under the new action button.

    • You can now bulk Archive/Unarchive entries from the leaderboard.

    • On the Manage reviews list view, any archived entries are identified with the Archive icon.

    • On the Review entries list view, archived entries are excluded from display.

    • For review tasks, archived entries cannot be viewed/reviewed (same treatment as deleted entries).


  • Top pick on mobile has been improved to use the same colour palette for buttons as desktop.

  • On the Top pick judging progress list view, the "Total" count column has been renamed to "Total assignments" for clarity. Also, a new “Preferences allowed" count column has been introduced.

  • All entry related notifications can now be sent to an email address specified in the entry (previously only the "Entry submitted" notification could do this).

  • Awards (badges + certificates) are now copied with a copy of a season.

  • Content blocks for judging can now be made for specific score sets to provide instruction and content for any mode. They can be configured and displayed in Judging > Score sets > Score set > Display tab).

  • AddThis profile ID config on Settings > General > Social is now validated to check that it follows the expected ID format.

  • The broadcast limit has been raised to 5,000 to allow more communications from the dashboard.

  • Payment configurations have received several improvements:

    • Currency selections now persist when toggling payments on/off.

    • Error messages help notify you if currency is missing.

    • The currencies configuration list view is now consistent with Taxes and Prices.

    • Currency list now includes ISO three-letter currency codes.

  • It’s now impossible to delete the default currency.

February 2019

New features

  • The new plagiarism detection feature is now available.

  • VIP priority queue has been introduced to supercharge performance during periods of high activity. E.g. Live judging.

  • Bulk untag of entries is now also available from the Manage entries view.


  • On the manager's view of an entry, the Moderation and Tagging controls now use better technology, a save button is no longer needed here. We’ll do that automatically for you.

  • Attachment settings (quantity, size and type limits) have been moved from Settings > General > Attachments, to the more logical location of Settings > Tabs and visible when creating an attachments tab.

  • The Quick manager bar, moderation + tagging controls and the comment control have received aesthetic upgrades.

  • Images larger than 500MB cannot be resized (they can be uploaded/downloaded though), resulting in a broken icon for these thumbnails. We now replace that with a generic document upload icon.

  • Grammar has been improved on Voting rules displayed on the voting view.

  • New notifications now default to active.

  • Registration / log in validation of system fields has now been localised to reflect your language preference.

  • For qualifying score sets supporting unsure decisions, the Unsure button now changes to amber when selected, to improve visibility of the selected state.

  • When creating manual assignments, there is now a count next to each judge's name to show how many assignments they have allocated to them. Clicking the count displays a modal window with a list of their assignments.

January 2019

New features

  • Teaser alert! We are working on a new plagiarism detection feature! Soon to be released.

  • You can now copy a judging panel

  • Greek is now available as a language option

  • iDEAL payment method option for Stripe gateway users

  • Introducing "The Quick Manager" on manager's preview of an entry


  • {parent_category} merge field introduced on notifications.

  • The assignments list view has received an upgrade with various improvements:

    • Entry tags are now displayed, and you can filter assignments by entry tag.

    • Bulk action controls were added to add / remove tags from the entry associated with the selected assignments.

    • Bulk action controls were added to recuse / remove recusal of judge associated with the selected assignments.

  • Payment status (displayed on My entries and Manage entries) now links to either the associated invoice, or to the cart, depending on status.

  • A feedback round can now be set to display total/overall scores only

  • Manage entries now has a Submitted date/time column option.

  • Leaderboard now has Created, Updated and Submitted date/time column options.

  • Leaderboard now has an ID column option for exports to have a concatenated local ID and category short code in one column.

  • Improved communication for users who already have an Award Force account.

  • Field and tab order numbers are now automatic.

  • The score set configuration received a clean-up. Now clearer + more readable.

  • Prices can now be copied, including variants on the price.

November 2018

New features

  • From within Award Force, users with membership to two or more accounts on Award Force now have a link to My Award Force (from the user menu, top right), where you can switch between all your accounts. You can also access My Award Force from this website by clicking “Log in” in the menu.

  • Program managers can copy entries between accounts from within My Award Force.

  • A new implementation of our payment gateway integration with Stripe, supporting Stripe's preferred/current integration method has been completed. The existing Stripe integration remains appended with "(Legacy)" in payment gateway settings.

  • Entries can now be individually archived, in bulk. Archived entries are safely retained, but locked and hidden away from your main working areas.

  • The “Entry name” field label can now be specified per category.


  • Discount codes can now be configured to limit their usage. Limit usage by number of uses or maximum uses per user.

  • Our API “Entry” end-point now includes attachment field information, along with attachments information.

  • Improved performance when copying multiple entries with large attachments.

  • The new “Entries by category” report now has an Excel/CSV export option.

  • For VIP judging score sets, the judge's own summary in their “list view” now shows the mean score, when that is the selected option for a score set.

October 2018

New features

  • Report functionality is here. The first report “Entries by category” has recently been released, and is accessed from the Dashboard. Look for the Full report link at the bottom of the entries by category widget.  

  • Settings events are now being recorded to the audit log.  E.g. when updating general settings, payments settings or theme settings, these events are now visible in the audit log.

  • New interface text override option for "My entries: No entries". Use this text override if you’d like to change the default message when a user has no entries.

  • Two new professional language translations are now available: Polish and Czech


  • With category export, you can now include the description as an optional column.

September 2018

New features

  • New white-label domain option has been added for scholarships.

  • You can now export the Audit log, and customise that export.

  • Under GDPR, data subjects have the right to request all of data held on/about them, and in a format that could be transferred to other software/systems— we now have a tool in place for users to be able to request this directly themselves (saving you a lot of manual effort) from within their user profile and then download a securely encrypted Zip file package of all their data.


  • Performance improvement for panel configurations.

  • Improved protection and optimisation to deal with automated (bot) traffic.

  • Some dashboard widgets are now cached, to improve dashboard/application load speed.

  • The export configurator control for selecting columns to include in exports now have controls to “Clear all” and “Add all” columns, with one click.

  • Subscription and cookie consent preferences are now available as optional columns on the users list view and users export.

  • The Award Force interface has received a few subtle yet impressive improvements:

    • Checkbox and radio button styling

    • Slightly darker text has been implemented system-wide for improved legibility

    • Action button improvements

    • Typography refinements

    • General UI improvements

  • The Audit log has received several new improvements:

    • New search UI

    • Columns can now be arranged and that configuration can be saved

    • Over 10 new resource events are now logged, including fund events, role events and chapter events.

    • Export log event history

August 2018

New features

  • Award Force’s very own advanced bot detection + blocking has just been released.
  • A new content block for use with pre-paid entries is now available.
  • Teaser alert! We have undertaken a new and exciting project which will add even more to the incredible value offered by Award Force. Is it your Award Force or “My Award Force”? Keep watching this space!


  • Table field type aesthetic improvements.
  • In judging views, file upload fields now have a direct download link.
  • In a judging view, using the slider for scoring now includes a numeric indicator for even better scoring accuracy.
  • Review exports now include the review URL, allowing you to send emails to reviewers outside of Award Force.

July 2018 release update

New features

  • Users can now provide cookie consent for necessary cookies, cookies used for analytics and cookies used for marketing, in line with GDPR requirements.

In the last month, the Engineering team has been working on some major new feature development. So not much new has been released, but some exciting developments are on the way in the coming months— watch this space!


  • PDF theming improvements
  • We now support another payment gateway in First Data.
  • Table field type layout improvements
  • Email formatting has improved

May 2018 release update

New features

  • Our new table field type has been completed
  • You can now configure your Award Force platform to request your users to consent to:
    • Your privacy policy
    • Cookies
    • Broadcasts and notifications
  • A preference center has been created for users to individually edit their consent preferences from within their Award Force accountImprovements
  • The user record now includes all agreements the user has consented to
  • You can now filter by tags when creating manual assignments

April 2018 release update

New features

  • In the assignments list view, you can now filter by panel
  • Leaderboard now has configurable columns and exports


  • Improved sort functionality behaviour in exports
  • New Hebrew language translation
  • Media links in PDFs are now persistent
  • Rejected entries are now excluded from manual assignments
  • Improved layout for PDFs, including option to include tabs as page dividers
  • Notifications are now seasonal

March 2018 release update

New features

  • Improvements for PCI-DSS compliance.
  • The leaderboard has been updated to allow for sorting, filtering and export of data, including chapters and categories. 
  • You can now export a catalogue of all uploaded files found in the manage entries list view.


  • UI improvements for better handling of languages.
  • Content blocks are now sorted by default and sortable in ascending or descending order. 
  • Notifications can now be sent by SMS, even if email is available.
  • All translations have been updated.

February 2018 release update

New features

  • Discount codes can now be assigned to specific categories or all categories.

  • You can now add a purchase order number (PO) and edit the billing address on an invoice.

  • New features to enhance the management of table views found in Award Force (E.g. Scoring criteria or Judging progress):

    • Sort more columns than ever before

    • Arrange columns by drag and drop

    • Add or remove columns from a table

    • Save new created table layouts (views) with a combination of column arrangement, columns in view and any specific filters applied to the table.

    • Share newly created views with your team.

  • Customized exports are now available:

    • Add/remove columns from any export

    • Define column order in the export

    • Save and share the export configuration with your team.

  • Hebrew has been added as a language translation.


  • Tables are now fully responsive.
  • Performance update completed for the "My entries" section. 
  • Clicking on links in Award Force now opens a new tab instead of in the same window. 

January 2018 release update

New features

  • Four new language translations have been added. Simplified Chinese, Russian, Korean and Japanese. 

  • An improved CAPTCHA service called “FunCaptcha” has been added to protect registration from bots. Unlike Google’s reCaptcha used previously, FunCaptcha works in China. And it’s more fun!

  • Prepaid entries are now enabled, allowing programs to request payment before the entry process.

  • New API endpoints for orders and order items are available. For more on our API see here.

  • Orders are now searchable. Search by order number, transaction ID, username or user email address. 

  • Two new “order” related widgets can be found on your dashboard alongside “data volume”. One deals with the total submitted cart orders value and the other deals with an estimation of cart orders based on entries in progress.

  • We now give you the option to collect billing details if an entry invoice amounts to $0.


  • Changes to the “File upload” field data in the entries export:
    Entries export used to list an ID for an attachment uploaded to file upload (single) fields. Now, we list the original name of the file that was uploaded making it easier to identify a file itemised in the export. Handy if you want to add files to your CRM. 
  • Search and filtering on archived seasons is now much faster and will result in fewer timeouts.

November 2017 release update

New features

  • We now have a Drupal module which allows your logged in users to access Award Force without logging in. 

  • Major upgrade coming: Column views within Award Force and exported data will now be configurable! Significant multi-month work has gone into this feature and will be releasing over December.


  • User resource fields have been updated to control read/write permissions by role.
  • Integration with Salesforce is now more powerful - select any objects made available through the Salesforce API.

September 2017 release update


  • Badges (e.g. in Galleries) can now be controlled seasonally

  • Support for local and international date formats and date formatting in exports is now improved

  • Mean scores added on the feedback view

  • Bulk downloads now include category short code in the folder name

  • We now prevent removal of judge feature roles when judging assignments are present

  • Broadcasts can now be sent from the Manage reviews page

  • Control the order of judging modes in the menu, via score set

  • Optimisations to the queue pipeline

  • More helpful login failure message

  • Category quick filter option now available