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Connect Award Force to thousands of apps and services to streamline your workflows,
automate tedious tasks and improve the experience for your awards participants 


Use our powerful API, native integration with Zapier, two-way data exchange with Salesforce and much more to connect Award Force to the apps you use everyday

Awards management integrations

API & webhooks

Enable deep integrations with your awards website and business applications

Use our comprehensive API and webhooks to leverage all the power of Award Force with your existing systems and software.
Our ever growing API will let you create, update, get and delete a wide variety of objects, giving you the freedom to use Award Force as it suits you. 

Some of the currently supported object types include:

  • Category
  • Entry
  • User
  • Order
  • File

View our API documentation 

Native Zapier integration

Awards management Zapier integration

Easily connect with your favourite apps using our native Zapier integration

Use our integration with Zapier to connect with thousands of apps like Eventbrite, Mailchimp, Dropbox, Instagram and create an awards experience truely unique – while saving hours of work in the process.

With the Award Force Zapier integration you can:

  • Automatically register an entrant to an Eventbrite event
  • Create archived copies of all submitted entries in DropBox
  • Automatically create new contacts in your CRM
  • Run voting contests on social media
  • And much, much more! 

Learn more about our Zapier integration

Salesforce integration

The Award Force integration with Salesforce facilitates native data exchange

Powerful and flexible configuration options allow you to choose what information is exchanged from your Award Force platform to your Salesforce account. No developer effort is required. 

WordPress SSO plugin

Use WordPress? Want to allow your WordPress users to sign in easily?

Use our WordPress Single Sign-On (SSO) plugin to help users go straight from WordPress directly into Award Force without creating an account. 

Effective and efficient. As it should be. 

Read more about our WordPress plugin


Not a WordPress user? Not to worry, your users can still use SSO (Single Sign-On) with SAML or your own custom SSO method

SAML stands for Security Assertion Markup Language and is a standard single sign-on (SSO) format. 

It will let your known, registered users in another app or website log onto Award Force without creating an account. We support both service provider-initiated login and identity provider-initiated login.

Note: Award Force is also friendly to other non-SAML standards.

Read more about SAML in our Help Centre

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