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Judging modes

Four judging modes for powerful and flexible judging workflow. Qualifying, Top Pick, Voting and VIP Judging.
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Review flow

Configure entries/submissions to move through a multi-stage review or nomination process. Perfect for programs that want submissions to be approved, or nominations to be accepted, before judging or assessment.
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Multiple judging rounds

Arrange multiple rounds of judging. Track and compare all scores and inputs to converge on winning submissions.

Judging leader boards

Real-time views of judging status and rankings across all entries and categories. Review and export results.

Judging slideshow

For in-person judging, activate a slideshow to project entry visual content (images and videos) to a large screen, directly from Award Force. Judges can follow along evaluating and discussing entries together.

Judging panels

Quick and powerful assignment of entries to judges. Engage small or large audiences, even public guests to evaluate entries using any judging mode.

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