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“We’ve had a great experience with Award Force. It’s very easy to use. And it’s powerful in a way that we ran our first public voting round, ever, in The Other Hundred history.”


Jaqueline P’ng
The Other Hundred Healers

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“The ability to see who created an account, who started an entry and who abandoned an entry was critical in achieving our 35% growth in the first season with Award Force.”  

Rachael Fisher
RCSA Industry Awards

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“Go ahead and make the change to Award Force – your staff, your entrants and your judges will thank you for it!”

Jenna Morris
Immediate Media, UK

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Award Force is an outstanding platform, and is perfect for the different awards programs we run.”

Brittany B.
Director of Marketing

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“I would advise anyone running an awards program, especially those using a paper-based system, to consider an online system like Award Force. It is more cost-effective and eases the judges’ workload.”

June Graham, Awards Manager
Victorian School Design Awards

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Switching to Award Force has been the best decision the SIA has made in the last decade. “

Jocelyn L.

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Roger Corbett

“Operating with the highest integrity is critical for us and our members … Award Force arranged a walk through with their system and we were impressed from the outset.”

Roger Corbett, Vice Chairman & Meryl Davis, CMA Awards Manager
Country Music Australia

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Great time-saving product which makes admin a breeze!”

Charlie T.

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“Our reputation and credibility with our clients is critical for us and that means we need to ensure that their award entrants and judges have the best user experience possible.”

Jessica Havard, Business Director
Two de Force (Event Management)

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Jessica Havard
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We’ve experienced huge time savings, as well as increased participation in the awards program!”

Stacie G.
Communications Manager

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Kobie Keenan

“The awards program was advancing quickly and our previous online system had not kept up with our needs. As the sole operator of the awards system I need something easy that I can operate from anywhere and that would completely align with our goals.  Award Force showed me this was possible.”

Kobie Keenan, Program Manager
Nursery and Garden Industry Australia

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Money, time and resources well spent”

Mathew Gray

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“Goodwill in our line of business is incredibly important. We deal with CEOs and Presidents of major hotels, architects and interior designers globally and all of these people use, and are exposed to, our award system.”

Amy Wright, Event Director
Mondiale Publishing

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Amy Wright
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Award Force helped our program become completely digital. The entire process worked so well. “

Dana K.
Communications and Marketing Manager

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Justine Kendall

“Award Force is a dynamic and collaborative organisation that is dedicated to continually improving and updating as a result of observing and monitoring for excellence.”

Justine Kendall, Business Director
Rizer (Event Management)

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